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Ultra Low Latency. A moving train shows its speed.

Ultra Low Latency

With the USB 3.0 output port and HDMI pass- through, you have the freedom to enjoy smooth gameplay in 1080p 60 fps on your PC.

* Warning! LGX is only compatible with USB 3.0 and selected chipsets. To see if LGX works on your computer, please download and run our compatibility test tool.

Spice Up Your Channel. GC550 with 2 audio mixing ports.

Spice Up Your Channel

There are two front-facing audio mixing ports (Aux and Mic) conveniently within reach. Mix in commentary, party chat, or your original music over in-game audio.

Your Stream. Your Style. Design and print covers that match your own styles.

Your Stream. Your Style.

The top lid opens up unlimited number of possibilities. Design and print covers matching your unique styles with our free Cover Creator software.

RECentral 3—Stream in Perfection

The powerful and stylish RECentral has been further enhanced with multiple Pro features. Your stream will never look the same again.

RECentral 3 function : Live Background Removal. PIP background removal.


Customize the look of your channel, now with even more contents! Overlay webcam, videos, announcements and more! Keep your fans entertained.

RECentral 3 function : Interactive Element. Gameplay editing, PIP & Twitch alerts.

Interactive Elements

Show off new subscriptions with TwitchAlerts! Interact with viewers by adding your chatroom too.

Live Editing. Gameplay preview in RECentral 3.
Live Editing

No need to go through hours of recordings to find those highlights. Cut, trim, and merge your video while it’s being recorded.

Embedded Sharing. RECentral shares your gameplay on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch.
Embedded Sharing

Share your channel to social media with one simple click, right within RECentral!

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